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Heather Bennett PN, CFCN

Health Advocate

After over 15 years of Nursing, I am beginning a new journey as a Healthcare Advocate.

My experiences as a bedside nurse, family practice nurse, acute care nurse, and a nurse educator have all shaped my practice to work with families and teach them about maximizing their health.

My intimate experience with my own aging parents (Mom, “what did the Doctor say at your appointment today?” Response, “ I am not exactly sure, something about…”)  led me to ponder, how could my aging parents ever navigate the current healthcare system without me?

My future practice will expand to provide patient and family-centered Healthcare Advocacy.
My goal is to facilitate the understanding of your medical health and to provide you with the tools to achieve better outcomes.

When not engaged in the future of healthcare, I enjoy spending time with family, cycling, long walks, reading and searching for the next inspiring recipe.



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