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Meg Hunter BKin, BEd, MSc

Community Health Liason

Health Advocacy is close to my heart. I know the complexity of navigating the health care system on its own and understand the added stress of doing so while experiencing (or watching a loved one experience) a health condition. 

My background in kinesiology and education allowed me to promote health and wellbeing at summer camps in Switzerland and Edmonton. I also served as an elementary teacher in California. For the last 10 years, I was part of innovative health promotion teams, advocating psychological safety and workplace wellness.  

I’m thrilled to be part of Canadian Health Advocates Inc. and to be there for clients and their families when it matters most. 

As a public health nerd with a unique unicorn obsession, I am an avid skier snowboarder and paddleboarder.  Born and raised in Alberta, I adore the mountains and knows first hand the healing properties of its beauty.  



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