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Stephanie MossStephanie Moss BA, BScN, RN

Health Advocate, Acute Care, Cardiac 

Through my nursing experiences in hospitals and clinical settings, I have seen the challenges people face in today’s healthcare system. Resources have been stretched, and as a nurse, I was not always able to provide my patients with the quality of care I felt they deserved.

I have also had a great deal of personal experience advocating and navigating the health system with both my parents. Last year my Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I was fortunate enough to have the time to be there and support him through diagnosis, multiple hospital admissions, procedures, oncology and chemo visits, home care and finally palliative care stages. This was a very confusing and challenging time for my family. I am very grateful for my nursing background and understanding of the healthcare system as it enabled me to ask the right questions and guide my parents to make informed decisions.  

While I have loved providing care in the clinical setting, I am now looking forward to helping and providing care and support in a different capacity.

I am truly looking forward to advocating and working with you and your loved one.

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