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When I reached out to Canadian Health Advocates, I was not getting to the bottom of my symptoms. My health picture is complex and I found it hard to persevere in seeking better care when I felt so unwell.  My advocate listened, helped me identify priorities, devise a plan and set initial goals. Her empathetic manner, knowledge and encouragement strengthened me enormously. I was able to meet those goals.  I found I had an effective ally when I needed one most! I have now made big strides toward an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Yvonne N., Castlegar, BC

We are not sure how we would have managed during our Mother’s death if our CHAI Health Advocate wasn’t there to be the glue that held us together as a family unit. She advocated for us and ensured Mom’s dignity was maintained at all times and that her wishes were carried out. So thankful we had her present with us.

Linda W., Cranbrook, BC

My Health Advocate helped simplify things for my wife and I when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. She came with us to our Oncologist appointments and coached us on what questions to ask, reviewed what was talked about in simple terms and clarified our options. It was comforting to have her with us during a scary and confusing time.

Peter D., Calgary, AB

We asked our Patient Advocate for help when our Mom was in the hospital following surgery and a recent diagnosis of a terminal illness. She helped us set up resources in the community so that Mom could be discharged from the hospital and be at home where she wanted to be. We called on our Advocate at different times throughout our journey of Mom’s death process and she supported us every step of the way. We were able to keep mom at home for a day after she died and have our own celebration of her life in the way she wanted.

Wendy S., Kimberley, BC

Our CHAI Health Advocate has been a tower of strength, expertise, and support for my sister, who went through major surgery. She offered her knowledge and freely expressed her compassion as a deeply caring human being. Our Advocate stood up for my sister’s care and helped us have difficult conversations with our doctors. Without our Advocate’s dedication to my sister’s well being, I know that my sister would not be where she is today.

Brenda H., Kaslo, BC

I was having a very difficult time in my life. I was injured to the point of being unable to work and afraid I would not be able to provide for myself and my family. My Health Advocate spent time with me helping me fill out my CPP Disability forms, coaching me on how to access available resources and providing continuous support and encouragement. She gave me hope when I had none for myself. A life-saver!

Gil A., Nelson, BC

My Patient Advocate has been a tower of strength, expertise, and support for my sister, who went through major surgery in June 2018. Without her constant dedication to my sister’s care and well being, I know that my sister would not be where she is today.

I contracted my Advocate in May 2018 to guide my sister through the application for long-term medical disability. After this task was successfully completed, she visited my sister in her home for several weeks prior to her surgery, monitoring both her mental and physical health.

During the most critical times of my sister’s surgery and care, which involved periods of time in ICU, the Patient Advocate not only offered her knowledge as a nurse but freely expressed her compassion as a deeply caring human being.

She advocated for further information when decisions had to be made and navigated through many challenging conversations with nurse practitioners in the Kelowna Cardiac Surgery Inpatient Unit.

I am always pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Advocate’s ability to push for transparency in order to make well-informed decisions. She works to find common ground and always places her client’s care first. She is respectful, caring, and calm; these are necessary and appreciated skills for those who are in need of her expertise.

My Patient Advocate displays undaunted commitment, persistence, and courage when a client requests her representation in their time of fragility and vulnerability. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others facing a healthcare system that can sometimes be both confusing and frightening.

Brenda H. Kaslo, BC

I can’t imagine going through what we did with our Dad without a CHAI Health Advocate on our team. He fell and broke his hip and they discovered bone cancer while replacing his femur. He went from seemingly healthy to terminal in a matter of days. He died 3 months later and our Advocate was with us every step of the way. She fought for his dignity and comfort, supported the family, cried and laughed with us.

Without her strength, expertise, reassurance, and compassion, that experience would have been excruciating and scary. She constantly explained what was happening and what to expect.

Having the Advocate on our team gave us the courage to express our feelings, spend time with Dad as his children rather than worrying about if he is receiving proper care. She helped us process our grief after he died and also helped us find outlets for our anger.

I would tell my friends that I didn’t know I would need help with going through a situation like this until I received the help. And now I don’t know how people do it on their own. I suppose that maybe they don’t do it on their own effectively but just barely get by. It was worth every penny and then some to have this objective source of knowledge and support.

Karen A., Cranbrook, BC
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