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Paige Lennox

CHAI’s Founder and CEO, Paige Lennox, served as a Registered Nurse for 25 years, working with patients and families in acute critical care, addictions and end-of-life care. Her professional and personal experience enables her to bridge the gap between the medical community and the patient. She knows the system from both the patient and healthcare practitioner perspectives and uses that knowledge to ensure that patients and their families have the information and support they need to make healthcare choices that are right for their unique situation.

Meg Hunter – Account Executive

Health advocacy is close to Meg’s heart. She uses her background in kinesiology and education as part of innovative health promotion teams, advocating psychological safety and workplace wellness.

Alysha Scales – Sales & Marketing Coordinator

With a background in sales and marketing, Alysha is deeply passionate about providing solutions for clients. Growing awareness of patient advocacy through marketing ensures that Canadians can access the support they deserve.

The Advisory Board

Ron Clark

Dr. Clark has been a Family Physician and GP Anesthetist in the Canadian health care system for 40 years.

Beth Gallup

Beth Gallup uses her MBA in New Venture Development to work with publicly-traded companies, research-driven universities, growing businesses and new start-ups – including her own.

Aubrey Muirhead

Aubrey’s firm specializes in estate and financial planning services. He believes in team-based solutions and works with tax and professional money managers to address his client’s needs.

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