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Paige Lennox

CHAI’s Founder and CEO, Paige Lennox, served as a Registered Nurse for 25 years, working with patients and families in acute critical care, addictions and end-of-life care. Her professional and personal experience enables her to bridge the gap between the medical community and the patient. She knows the system from both the patient and healthcare practitioner perspectives and uses that knowledge to ensure that patients and their families have the information and support they need to make healthcare choices that are right for their unique situation.

Darcy Hindes – Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer (COO), Darcy Hindes, brings a wealth of personal and professional experience to the CHAI team. His passion for advocacy within the healthcare system came from a deeply personal experience with his own father. With his innovative expertise in various businesses and investment ventures, he brings resilient leadership, outstanding communication, business acumen and a unique and empathetic business approach to CHAI.

Katie Isbell – Executive Assistant

Originally from the UK and with a background in social justice and education, Katie has a keen interest in ensuring that people have access to information and support to navigate challenging areas of their lives. She has joined the team to support the CEO and CHAI’s mission of increasing the work of patient advocacy across Canada.

Missie McIntosh – Intake Sales Coordinator

Throughout her career and life, Missie has been advocating for the medical and emotional needs of her patients, family members, and friends. It has taught her that the process is so much better when you’re supported by someone with experience. She is honored to answer your questions and be a source of support.

The Advisory Board

Henry Kutarna

has been a Deputy Minister of Economic Development, President of the Saskatchewan Diversification Corporation, and a Deputy Minister of Social Services.

Karen Blair

Karen Blair is a cofounder of the Canadian Culinary Championships and Canada’s Great Kitchen Party, social enterprises that showcase Canadian culinary, sport and music excellence.

Aubrey Muirhead

Aubrey’s firm specializes in estate and financial planning services. He believes in team-based solutions and works with tax and professional money managers to address his client’s needs.

Ron Clark

Dr. Clark has been a Family Physician and GP Anesthetist in the Canadian health care system for 40 years.