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Katie Isbell

Executive Assistant

With a background in social justice and education, I am always driven to work for organizations that seek to benefit the lives of others. I am proud to work for CHAI as we strive to make a real difference, to empower people and create positive change.  

I am from the UK, where we are fortunate to have a national health service and recently discovered first-hand how complicated and at times, overwhelming, the Canadian healthcare system can be. I was thrilled to discover that CHAI exists and seeks to provide patients with support and advocacy during these challenging times. I have a background and interest in writing, research and creative arts and am able to use my existing skills and abilities as part of my role to support the CEO and overall aims of the organization.

I have been in Canada for almost a year now and recently moved to Nelson, BC after living on Salt Spring Island. I love yoga, hiking, reading and as of this year – maple syrup!

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