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Paige LennoxPaige Lennox, BSN, RN – Founder, CEO

Critical Care, Addictions, End-of-Life

After working as a critical care nurse for over 25 years in hospital emergency rooms and trauma ICUs, I’ve seen it all. After witnessing so many people fall through the cracks firsthand, I felt drawn to advocate for people who can’t speak up for themselves. 

This is why I started a one-of-a-kind healthcare advocacy business, Canadian Health Advocates Inc. (CHAI) in 2018, and I am on a mission to make a real difference in people’s lives and support our existing healthcare system. 

I’ve also experienced what it’s like to navigate the healthcare system from the other side. For two years, I supported my mother while she struggled with terminal cancer. This experience allowed me to relate to patients in an authentic way because I truly understand how overwhelming it is to navigate the healthcare system.

The empathic approach I take on with my patients and their families comes from years of personal and professional experience and an unwavering mission to help those who are struggling. 

I have helped loved ones who don’t know where to turn to get their dying parent the dignity they deserve. I have helped critically ill individuals finally get an appointment with a doctor. I have helped patients who have been sent home too soon. I have helped people who have no one to care for them.

Working with CHAI not only means you get the care you deserve, but you also get your own personal cheerleader, advocate, and shoulder to cry on. As the ultimate bridge between the medical community and the patient, we use our knowledge of the ins and outs of the healthcare system to empower others. 

When you’re facing a health crisis, you need someone who understands what’s going to take place. You need someone who can help you prepare for what’s coming next and help you access the resources you need. You need someone to walk beside you.

When I’m not serving patients, you can find me playing my banjo and climbing mountains (but not at the same time).