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Health Advocate

Claire McCorquodale

My passion is to ensure that people get the care that they deserve so that they can focus on getting better. When
I was an active Critical Care RN for both children and adults, I saw my first duty to be an advocate for my
patients. I believe that by showing compassion for patients, caregivers and families, the most positive outcomes
for all are achieved. I also know that in the modern Canadian health care system, patients are often left without
that compassion, support and knowledge, and can feel alone, helpless, and confused. As a health advocate I’m
happy to apply the lessons I have learned from all of these experiences for the benefit of my clients.

For fifteen years I was a military spouse with postings in Winnipeg, Ottawa, Nova Scotia and Comox, BC. The
experiences I gained from nursing in three provinces and advocating for myself and my family across the
country have been invaluable, but at times difficult and stressful. I learned first-hand not only how vital the role
of advocate is to patient care, but also how to be tenacious and successful. With every move I re-established my
family in a new provincial health care system, with new clinics, new doctors, new pharmacies and new rules. I
have a strong appreciation for military family life and know how difficult finding adequate health care and
navigating our patchwork system is for the families of serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

My family has been living with Type One Diabetes since 2018. T1D can be stressful, and it can be frightening,
but with the right support team anyone with T1D can enjoy a long, happy, healthy life. From specialist
appointments to working with medical supply companies, T1D is a unique world. With T1D, like every chronic
medical condition or interaction with the Canadian medical system, everyone does better with someone on their
In my off-time, if I’m not volunteering at school or at a youth sports event: hockey, gymnastics or softball, I
enjoy spending time with friends and family and caring for my garden.

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