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Evan Janz RN, BN

I am a registered nurse who has worked for over 10 years in Alberta across a wide variety of areas. Internal medicine, palliative, geriatrics, surgical, mental health, home care, and long-term care are all areas that I have practiced between both rural and city hospitals. All these areas of practice and professional growth helped guide me to my current role as an intensive care nurse. I am committed to advancing my own knowledge and understanding of healthcare, never letting it stagnate, which is why I am also completing a Master of Nursing with a focus in teaching and healthcare education.

Having been intimately involved with so many facets of the healthcare system has shown me many incredible successes, but it has also shown me where there is room still to grow. Advocating for patients, families, care, and communication is an integral part of my role as a registered nurse in the ICU, and it is one that I am passionate about. Extending that capacity to work with CHAI allows me to broadly apply my skills and knowledge in a way that suits the individual needs of each client.

Navigating the healthcare system is challenging. Finding the appropriate information, and the appropriate support is not easy. Having to make decisions that influence your life or the life of someone you care about is even harder. With me and CHAI on your side, we will help to ease that burden and give you the peace of mind needed to know that you are fully supported as you move forward with the health of yourself and those whom you love.

Alberta Patient Advocates