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Greg Neufeldt, Former Nurse

I have been in the field of nursing since 1991, I am also a certified legal assistant and insurance broker versed in medical insurance policies. My passion in healthcare is imparting knowledge and assisting the needs of people who feel overwhelmed, unsupported and alone. I have worked for MSF (Doctors without Borders) in northern Uganda,
and Malawi and have been a member of a medical team that established temporary clinics in the Kashmir region of
Pakistan following a magnitude 7.6 earthquake. I also assisted in establishing a medical clinic at Kandahar Airfield, in Kandahar Afghanistan. These unique and challenging experiences have required me to think “outside the box”; developing skills to quickly adapt to new and unfamiliar situations. I am intuitive, resourceful, and organized amidst confusion and chaos.

As an advocate, I am able to quickly develop and maintain a professional rapport with both my clients and their
families as well as their various healthcare and allied healthcare providers. My experience as a nurse has spanned
Canada, the United States, Africa and Asia; this has contributed to a very diverse clinical expertise, and an
understanding of cross-cultural care of people. I have worked in high intensity Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care
Units; as well I have been a nurse in the community. My strengths lie in my ability to intuitively gather and
interpret pertinent and important information and explain it in clear easy to understand terms.

I look forward to helping you and your loved ones as we navigate the healthcare system together.

British Columbia Patient Advocates