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Jacqueline Metzler

Jacqueline Metzler, RTNM, MRT(CT), CRPA(R)

Having spent two decades providing front-line clinical care, I moved into the field of patient advocacy to follow my dream of providing more individualized care, when and where people need it most. I have been inspired to become a patient advocate many times, after seeing too many of my patients in Diagnostic Imaging having ‘fallen through the cracks’ – needing a little more guidance when it came to their health journey, whether that was in gaining a diagnosis that had long eluded them, knowing what questions to ask, or knowing what lay ahead in treatment. I’ve observed first hand how many people are experiencing uncertainty, indecision, doubt, fear, and may need a little help along their health journey – and by entering patient advocacy, I’m able to provide that help to anyone who needs it.

As a certified Medical Radiation Technologist (MRT) and Registered Radiation Safety Professional (CRPA(R)), my career has spanned a variety of roles in the fields of diagnostic imaging, public health, and cancer care. I have worked across Western Canada as well as in New Zealand and Australia, and also in Nova Scotia, where my husband and his family are from.

My favourite part of working in front-line patient care was when I had the opportunity to talk to people one-on-one. I was fortunate enough to have worked in many areas of the investigation-diagnosis-treatment pathway, and when patients came in for procedures, we were able to have a discussion while we prepared for the exam. For people who were either very new to the entire healthcare experience, or were understandably nervous about what lay ahead, these times were invaluable. Often they came away from these conversations with palpable relief, simply from having had some questions answered and someone to talk to – having just not known who else in the ‘system’ to ask.

After my grandmother experienced multiple health crises while living in a small village in rural Saskatchewan, and knowing how underserved many rural communities are when it comes to anything but the most basic health care services, I am passionate about improving access to those who live further away from major centres.

I offer patient advocacy globally, by using a remote model for patient appointments, either by online video call, or by telephone. Within Canada, I focus on the Maritimes, Alberta, and BC – these are the health systems I am most familiar with – but with a contact network across the country, I am happy to help anyone anywhere in Canada.

In my downtime, you’ll find me traveling, sailing, running, and spending quality time with friends and family.

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