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Janessa Rauch

Janessa Rauch, RN, NC-BC

After over a decade working as a Registered Nurse in pediatric oncology, child and adolescent mental health along with corporate wellness, I developed a passion for helping people navigate Canada’s complex healthcare system. 

Over the years, I developed new techniques to help these clients better understand what their diagnoses meant, and how to build a solid foundation of healthy habits and behavior changes to incorporate into their daily lives. 

In 2019 I obtained my board certification by completing an Integrative Nurse Coaching Program with The Nurse Coach Collective. Today, I’m also currently working towards my Masters in Nursing at the University of Calgary. Investing time into these new certifications have deepened my understanding of today’s modernized healthcare industry and will allow me to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table at CHAI. 

My extensive experience co-creating health plans that meet the needs and goals of my clients, combined with my modern approach to healthcare consulting, will make me an ideal CHAI Advocate to assist you and your family as you move through the health system.

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