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Jodi Doige

Jodi Doige MRT(MR), MRT(R)

With 30 years of experience in Diagnostic Imaging around the world, I’ve witnessed how hard navigating the healthcare system can be for patients and caregivers. It can be challenging to know what to ask of your healthcare providers and sometimes the most important information isn’t communicated in an easy-to-understand manner. Many patients feel as though they do not get the answers they need or feel like they have fallen through the cracks.

Having experience on both sides of the healthcare system has shown me that health advocacy is crucial for patients. I’ve gone through many health issues from childhood on. Most recently, I’ve had to navigate my healthcare through a concussion. It made me realize that when people are stressed or unable to advocate for themselves, outside help is essential.

As a result of my work and personal experiences, I have a passion for helping people understand their health issues and find the right resources–both traditional and holistic–that help people improve their lives.

I am thrilled to take on the role of a Health Advocate. I help people find answers and options and to help the whole person get the care and information they need. Knowledge is power and having all the information helps empower us on decisions about our health care. I love to help people and am looking forward to helping you!

Alberta Patient Advocates
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