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Durham Region, ON
Board Certified Patient Advocate, Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries, Community and Public Health

Karen J. Hardie, R.N., R.R.P., B.C.P.A.

With over 30 years of experience as an RN, I have developed a keen understanding of the nuances that come with navigating Canada’s complex healthcare system. As a Board-Certified Patient Advocate and Case Manager, I have worked with many medical professionals and have first-hand experience dealing with a range of life-threatening medical situations.

When I started my own case management business over 30 years ago, I was hired by lawyers across Ontario to perform Catastrophic Case Management Services which included work surrounding patient advocacy for those catastrophically injured in motor vehicle accidents.

To grow my business, I joined several patient health associations to broaden my medical network. Today, this multidisciplinary network of professionals has become a powerful resource for which I turn to when looking for innovative ways to better support my clients with increasingly challenging diagnoses.

As a Life Care Planner and Registered Rehab Professional, I have gained many years of experience developing plans of care utilizing a consistent and scientific approach. These plans of care assist with determining the medical needs of a person with an illness while projecting the costs and frequency of the recommended goods and services over his/her lifetime. This is completed while simultaneously juggling the unique emotional needs required by each patient and their families. As a CHAI Advocate, I can apply these skills in order to help more patients and families feel supported and empowered to make their own educated medical decisions.

While patient advocacy is my passion, I also enjoy walking my two pups along the lake trail, mountain biking, sailing, golfing, gardening or enjoying the company of my family and friends.

Water, wildlife and the well-being of others is extremely important to me.

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