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Edmonton, AB
Health Advocate, Community & Public Health, Acute Care

Karla Weiss BN, RN

As a Registered Nurse for over 25 years, I have worked in Acute Care, Public and Community Healthcare, and have developed a passion to help my patients holistically through my training and experience. With certificates in Parish Nursing, Health Coaching, and Brain Health Coaching, I believe that holistic health encompasses the body, soul, and mind. 

I recognize how difficult it can be in understanding medical jargon and procedures while taking care of a loved one. My third child was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate and has experienced over 13 surgeries. Even as a nurse with 25 years of experience, it was challenging to navigate our doctor’s appointments and procedures. This made me realize how difficult it would be for anyone not familiar with medical procedures and treatments, which has inspired me to become a Health Advocate. 

As your Health Advocate, I am dedicated to making your journey easier and alleviate as much stress as I can while we navigate the complexities of the healthcare system together. Advocacy provides immense support in ensuring your voice is heard, you feel validated, and you are not lost amongst the chaos of the healthcare system. 

As a Health Advocate, I look forward to helping you and your loved one navigate through our healthcare system in order for you to get the best care you need. 

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