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Laura Ricketts

Laura Ricketts, BA, MA

Over the last 20 years, I have served in a leadership capacity in almost all sectors of healthcare and community services, including long term care homes, small and regional hospitals, a residential hospice and a large community services agency.

With this experience, I recognize the gaps that exist within our system and have experienced them on a personal level as well when I advocated on behalf of my father. There are significant challenges for individuals facing health crises and for their families within healthcare and death care.

My unique experience across the health and death care sectors, my personal experiences, and my certification as an End of Life Doula have enabled me to be a strong advocate for others. With an understanding of the different sectors and how to bridge the gaps between them, I offer practical and emotional support so informed decisions can be made.

My personal desire is to help enable members of my community to lead the lives they want to live. I strongly believe in supporting independence for those residents with needs related to aging, physical and/or mental health, and in meeting the important needs of their caregivers.

It is my intention to create a safe space for individuals and their loved ones to be able to focus on health, well being and their relationships.

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