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Lori Simpson RN, BScN

Throughout my 15-year career as a registered nurse in the hospital setting as well as community case management, I have observed all kinds of challenges people face when trying to navigate the healthcare system.

As a nurse in Public Health and Psychiatry, I regularly found myself advocating for my clients by consulting and collaborating with an array of health professionals to facilitate individual care plans and design successful discharge planning.

From personal experience, I know that having an advocate provides immense support and empowers clients and families to make clear and critical health decisions. Understanding medical jargon and choosing which agencies to summon for support can be life-changing and make the journey from illness to wellness manageable.

As your Health Advocate, I will strive to provide you with individualized practical and emotional support while keeping client-centered care as the focal point to attain your best health outcome.

My mantra to begin each day: “Use me, whatever I have to give, for the highest good. Just let me be helpful and contribute my best self.”

British Columbia Patient Advocates