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Access to Health Advocates during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Every day we are seeing new changes from the Government to the policies, orders and notices regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, and this directly affects the way that health care services are delivered. In order to minimize the impact of a potential exposure, healthcare systems are adjusting the way they evaluate and care for patients which do not typically allow for anyone to attend essential appointments with you. The information that is relayed to you can often be overwhelming, and without the right tools, you might not know how to properly manage that information which can have a direct impact on your mental wellbeing.
Our team at Canadian Health Advocates is set up all throughout Canada, and we are well equipped to support you in every way possible, safely and effectively from a remote setting. Virtual care for patients allows us to still interact with our patients, while keeping all lines of communication open and maximizing the quality of our services for patient care and education.
There are multiple technologies available to deliver this care on a virtual basis, including video, telephone or secure messaging. We have worked diligently with our team to implement this side of our business that offers virtual care, and can assure you that all information about your health is handled within a secure environment in order to protect your privacy due to the sensitive nature.
Virtual care is a key part of Canada’s efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, and has now become a mainstream delivery channel for health care services, as there has been a dramatic increased interest in the use of virtual health care services since the start of the pandemic.

What we all want most for our patients is to help you navigate your health and improve patient outcomes during a time when more barriers have been created for the delivery of acute, chronic, primary and speciality care. Armed with information, you can make the medical care decisions that will yield the best possible health outcomes you can hope for.

As former nurses and seasoned patient advocates, we at CHAI not only have the medical knowledge needed to navigate the medical system, we also strongly believe in patient advocacy. It is our mission to help patients get the care they deserve. If you should require remote patient advocate services, contact CHAI today. We look forward to hearing from you.