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Managing Your Anxiety During Today’s Pandemic

As we push forward into the unknown, every day brings a new set of struggles and anxieties.

The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health has released a series of very helpful resources for those dealing with Anxiety. We have condensed their biggest points down into 15 short items to keep in mind when feeling anxious. 

1) Accept that some anxiety and fear is normal.

2) Seek credible information.

3) Find a balance: Stay tuned in, but know when to take a breather.

4) Bring an intentional mindset to unplugging.

5) Deal with problems in a structured way.

6) Remember that you are resilient and be careful with the “What ifs”

7) Challenge worries and anxious thoughts.

8) Decrease other stressors in your life.

9) Practice relaxation and meditation.

10) Seek support when overwhelmed.

11) Be kind to yourself.

12) Eat healthily.

13) Avoid substance use – including smoking and vaping, caffeine and alcohol.

14) Get proper rest and sleep.

15) Stay active.

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