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Staying Fully Informed as a Patient

Navigating the Canadian healthcare system can be challenging, especially if you are currently ill, hospitalized, or at a distance from aging parents. Hospitals, medical professionals, a new diagnosis that you are trying to process, along with being confused about your rights can be very overwhelming. As our healthcare system becomes increasingly more complex and overstretched, patients can easily fall through the cracks. This can lead to misdiagnosis, avoidable delays in treatment, and a host of other potential challenges. The good news is you don’t have to navigate through this maze on your own. As a patient, or a family supporting a patient, you can reduce your vulnerability, and feel better knowing you have someone advocating for you.

Along with having a deep grasp on the ins and outs of our healthcare system, it is important to understand your rights as a patient. Working with a medical care advocate can ensure that as a patient, you are fully informed and equipped with the right tools and resources to understand your medical condition and treatment options. We are here to advocate for your health.

Communication between patients and health care providers can sometimes fall to the wayside. Patients are often left in limbo with so many questions about the next steps to take in regards to their health. Educating everyone we work with is a crucial element of CHAI’s patient-centered healthcare consulting. By learning more about your rights as a patient and staying informed about your diagnosis – you can take greater control of your care, while giving you peace of mind so that you can focus on your recovery.

You can learn more about CHAI by taking a look at our Case Studies to see how our patient advocates have helped others. You can also see a full overview of our Health Advocacy Services.