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The System is Limited and Overstretched

Canadians pride themselves in their “free” healthcare system. However, there are a few problems in paradise, which you have probably already realized if you are reading this page. CHAI was created to help address these problems.

Two specific challenges exist.

First, our free healthcare services are rather basic with very specific limitations.

Second, the Canadian healthcare system has never been as overstretched as it is now.

Baby boomers are the single largest generation in human history. In Canada, never have there been more people drawing upon healthcare resources. For instance, our hospital system is running at 125% capacity. Aging boomers require more and more medical support, which is further stretching an underfunded and overstressed system.

Avoid Falling Through the Cracks

When a system is overstretched, patients can easily fall through the cracks. This can lead to misdiagnosis, unnecessary delays in treatment, and a host of other potential challenges.

For instance, hospitals are often premature with discharge planning. Due to the shortage of beds, patients are often discharged without the necessary requirements for their care being in place. This has contributed to a large increase in re-admissions, which puts further strain on a system that is already in crisis. See our blog on Discharge Planning and Readmissions.

Make Sense of Your Condition

Modern healthcare is becoming ever-more complex. The ever-expanding array of medical procedures and protocols often leaves the average patient confused or poorly informed.

Even professionals working inside the system often can’t see the whole treatment picture themselves.

CHAI help advocates help you ask the right questions and help you understand your diagnosis. They ensure there is continuity of care, and they are “in your corner” at all times.

Health Advocates will also help you navigate through the maze of providers, tests, and treatments you or your loved one will undergo. They will help you make sense of what is happening and how to get the best level of care possible for yourself or your loved one.

Refuse to Be a Number

Due to the state of the system, healthcare professionals are often physically and emotionally exhausted. Because of this, they become task focused rather than people focused. As a result, you or your loved run the risk of becoming simply a number in their eyes.

Finding your way through the healthcare system when you need help can be daunting— especially when you or your loved one is sick or debilitated.

Canadian Health Advocates (CHAI) provides clients with independent professional support in order to educate them on how the system works and on how to get the best possible care.

Don’t be a number
Don’t fall through the cracks
Get informed
Get empowered

Get a health advocate in your corner