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Chatelaine Magazine : How to Become Your Own Best Advocate In The Health Care System

Chatelaine Magazine Feature

The pandemic has pushed our long-stressed system to the brink, making self-advocacy more important than ever. Across the country, procedures are being postponed or cancelled outright, while health care workers are leaving the field in droves. In the first quarter of 2021, there were nearly 100,000 job vacancies in the health care and social assistance sector, a 39 percent jump from 2020—and the largest increase in any sector—according to Statistics Canada.
Self-advocating involves speaking up about your feelings, asking for what you need and making sure your rights are respected, all of which can help health care providers treat you more efficiently and effectively.
Thank you Chatelaine and Raina Delisle for interviewing us and tackling this subject and providing such useful tips to readers. Read the full article here:

The Globe and Mail : How seniors can ensure they’re getting the health care they deserve

The Globe and Mail

CHAI’s founder + CEO, Paige Lennox, weighs in on this important topic discussing How seniors can ensure they’re getting the health care they deserve.

Some find it difficult to articulate their health concerns to their family doctors or are afraid to question authority, says Paige Lennox, chief executive officer of Nelson, B.C.-based Canadian Health Advocates Inc. “This generation still puts physicians on a pedestal,” says Ms. Lennox, who started her medical concierge service in 2018 after working as a critical care nurse for 25 years.

Thank you Anna Sharratt for giving Canadian Seniors some great advice.

Read the full article here:

Paige Lennox interviewed on The Clubhouse: A Peak and Prairie Co. Health Promotion Podcast

CHAI’s founder + CEO, Paige Lennox, explains her motivation for starting CHAI, shares how Health Advocacy can improve workplace productivity, and explores her personal passions on Peak+Prairie Co.’s Health Promotion debut podcast.

Together, Megan and Paige discuss the incredible opportunity Health Advocacy has in increasing communication in Canada’s complex healthcare system.

If you or a loved one is curious about Health Advocacy in Canada, listen in on the conversation here:

CHAI Proudly Participated in the 5th Annual Kootenay Seniors’ Fair

We proudly participated in this local event on October 4, 2019 offering various services to seniors at the Prestige Lakeside Hotel. Along with 30 other vendors, we shared information about our services concerning health advocacy for seniors.

This event was sponsored by Nelson Cares Society, Nelson Community, Response Network/BCCRN, Prestige Lakeside Resort, Royal Canadian Legion Nelson, and Columbia Basin Trust.

How one local nurse-turned-entrepreneur is changing patient’s lives

By Karen Kornelson

Kootenay Association for Science and Technology

When you or someone you love gets sick, it can feel like your world just got flipped upside down. Finding or accepting a diagnosis can be draining and emotionally difficult, and it can be extremely overwhelming navigating the healthcare system. Many patients and their families fall through the cracks, experience a frustrating lack of communication from their medical professionals or do not get proper access to valuable resources.

Read the full article here

CHAI Proudly Sponsors ‘A Taste of Neslon’ 2019

We were proud to sponsor this year’s A Taste of Nelson as they raised awareness about MS and funds needed to support their mission of being a leader in finding a cure for MS and enabling people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life.







On September 16, they were able to raise over $12,500, the most successful year yet! These funds will support innovative research into the cause, treatment and cure of MS, as well as to provide valuable programs and services such as the Volunteer Legal Advocacy Program, Equipment Provision Program, MS Knowledge Network, and 1:1 Peer Support Programs for people affected by MS in the West Kootenays.