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Our CHAI health advocate helped simplify things when I was diagnosed with cancer. She came with us to appointments, coached us on questions to ask, reviewed and clarified options. It was comforting for my wife and I during a scary and confusing time.

~Peter D., Calgary, AB

Having a patient advocate on our team gave us the courage to spend time with Dad, express our feelings without constant worry about proper care. Without our CHAI advocate, the experience would have been excruciating.

~Karen A., Cranbrook, BC

How we improve physical and mental health

  • Ensure consistency of care: We help your healthcare team communicate, “pass the baton” from one to another. We bridge gaps, help ensure your needs don’t get lost in the shuffle.
  • Explain the unfamiliar: Especially under stress, it can be hard to grasp the full meaning of medical terms and jargon. CHAI advocates are patient explainers. They take time to ensure full understanding of what you’ve been told.
  • Shrink wait times: As expert navigators of the medical system, we can sometimes arrange appointments and tests faster than you can on your own.
  • Do the research: We often conduct research on specific illnesses/ injuries / situations. As health care professionals, we are more reliable than “Dr. Google.” You know more, so you can make more informed health decisions.
  • Prepare for transitions: Moving from the hospital home, or to residential or hospice care, is easier when our team is involved. We’ll alert you to, and help arrange access to, needed resources.
  • Help with documentation: In the middle of a major health event, it can be especially draining to fill out applications, provide proof, chase after referrals and receipts. We are available to provide clear-headed help, help that will improve chances of approval.
  • Plan future care: The “what-if’s” that come with an injury or diagnosis often bring a new awareness of the need to communicate wishes, clearly, in ways that will be respected by all parties involved. We bring a cross-Canada perspective to a process that varies from province to province.
  • Empower you: Above all, we are champions. We listen, advocate and provide compassionate support. We will help you make sense of what is happening. Give you the confidence you need to move forward, peacefully.

Get started or learn more

The first step is to book a free 15 minute health care consultation.

During that phone call or video conference, we’ll listen, provide options, review the costs involved, and recommend next steps.

We welcome enquires from patients, family members, caregivers and medical providers who see the need for our professional, patient-centered, complementary health services.