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Empowering you
to better health care outcomes

Benefits of working with CHAI

Medical reviews

Ensuring everything medical is
clear to you

Validating alternatives

Full review of your health care options and your understanding of their implications

Customized solutions

Assessing health care solutions based on your specific needs

The Human Touch

Your own healthcare point-
person to bring it all together

What empowered patients sound like…

We are not sure how we would have managed during our Mother’s death if our CHAI Health Advocate wasn’t there to be the glue that held us together as a family unit. They advocated for us and ensured Mom’s dignity was maintained at all times and that her wishes were carried out. So thankful we had them present with us.

Linda W., Cranbrook, BC

I wanted to find a way to help my Dad navigate through the healthcare system while he cares for my Mom with Alzheimer’s. Our Health Advocate provided us with regular updates on progress…it was great to be able to hand that task over to someone else, as it would have taken Dad months or even years to get the results that they did. I have, and will continue to, recommend CHAI to anyone who might find this service useful as I believe most people find our healthcare system frustrating, especially older folks. Thank you for providing such a valuable service. Well worth the money in my opinion!

Liz, Ontario

My Health Advocate helped simplify things for my wife and I when I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. She came with us to our Oncologist appointments and coached us on what questions to ask, reviewed what was talked about in simple terms and clarified our options. It was comforting to have her with us during a scary and confusing time.

Peter D., Calgary, AB

Our CHAI Health Advocate has been a tower of strength, expertise, and support for my sister, who went through major surgery. She offered her knowledge and freely expressed her compassion as a deeply caring human being. Our Advocate stood up for my sister’s care and helped us have difficult conversations with our doctors. Without our Advocate’s dedication to my sister’s well being, I know that my sister would not be where she is today.

Brenda H., Kaslo, BC

Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It came out of the blue. There was no history in my family, no friend that I had gone through this with. Everything happened very quickly and I was overwhelmed. I filled out many forms and was sent for many tests and I understood little of it, and no one had the time to explain. My Health Advocate helped me considerably by taking the time to explain the purpose of the tests and procedures, what to expect, what to watch for and what questions to ask. CHAI provided guidance, support and a friend, making the whole journey comprehensible and much less frightening.

Bette, Alberta

I first found CHAI when I hit major roadblocks with the health system in Ontario. My Health Advocate put me at ease and instantly made me feel heard and valued. I found CHAI to be fast, efficient and in-depth in both their research and advocacy. I highly recommend CHAI to anyone who’s medical needs have fallen between the cracks in the system. They really do care.

Matthew S., Ontario

When my Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, it was a shock to all of us, and we found ourselves suddenly thrown into a barrage of tests, specialists, and treatment options which were all very overwhelming to absorb. Our Health Advocate provided us with a lot of information and helped us to understand what was meant in terms of potential treatment. It’s been a difficult journey but we most definitely appreciated CHAI’s invaluable knowledge and support. No one should have to face this difficult journey on their own.

Michelle, Alberta
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