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Health Advocacy


  • Wait times: Although we don’t guarantee a reduction in wait times, in the majority of cases, we can help you get appointments and tests quicker than you would without our help.
  • Consistency of care: We will help your healthcare team members communicate and “pass the baton” from one to another. CHAI Health Advocates can assist in bridging gaps and help ensure you don’t fall through the cracks.
  • Medical jargon: Understanding all the jargon used in the healthcare system can be difficult. A Health Advocate will make sure you understand exactly what people are telling you.
  • Discharge planning from hospital: CHAI Health Advocates help with the transition from hospital to home or residential care. Our team will do our best to ensure you or your loved one have access to the resources you need.
  • Disability paperwork: 60% of CPP Disability applications are rejected because they are not filled out properly. CHAI Health Advocates can help make this process less stressful and give you a higher chance of approval. We spend time gathering important information, communicating with your doctor, and helping you fill out the application for the best possible outcome.
  • Advance Care Planning: CHAI Health Advocates can help you develop an Advance Care Plan so your wishes are taken into account should you become unable to communicate or make decisions on your own.
  • End-of-Life Planning: CHAI Health Advocates can help you plan for the end by making sure your End-of-Life Plan covers all the necessary areas.
  • Benefits Review Planning: CHAI Health Advocates will summarize your current situation and research your benefits to create a plan that will utilize the appropriate treatments. You will walk away fully understanding what these modalities can do for you.
  • Research: We conduct research on your specific illness/ injury/ situation to help ensure you have the information you need to make informed decisions.


  • Compassionate support: Your advocate is ready, able, and willing to listen to you and to provide compassionate support.
  • Peace of mind: Having someone to advocate for you when necessary will give you more peace of mind and less stress. Health advocacy means we have your best interests at heart, allowing you to spend more time with your family without having to worry about dealing with the healthcare system.
  • One-on-one time: You will receive focussed one-on-one time from your advocate so you can be sure you have your advocate’s full attention.


  • Support: CHAI Health Advocates will support you so you can become proactive and advocate for yourself. This can help minimize and prevent the onset of illness and/or hospital stays.
  • Guidance and coaching: We will help you develop the skills you need to communicate with your medical team. We will also remain involved so that we can ensure that all necessary information is passed between patients/caregivers and members of the medical system.
  • In your corner: Our health advocacy ensures we have your best interests at heart and will always be in your corner.