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Canada’s healthcare system, with its many free services, is a source of national pride, as well as a bit of a quagmire of disjointed care, limited availability and long wait times.  Our tax dollars only stretch so far.

In times of crisis, faced with a new diagnosis or a lingering condition, it makes sense to invest directly. Prioritizing physical and mental health is the best gift we can give ourselves and the people we love.

Options for improving health outcomes

One Hour Consultation

A one hour consultation with a health advocate to discover the specific ways we can help.
$150 + GST

Initial Case Assessment

Two hour consultation with a skilled Canadian health advocate in your province to review your situation, clarify your needs, and provide recommendations.
$300 + GST

5 Hour Package

Use as required. Ask your advocate to participate in doctor’s appointments, identify priorities, provide help navigating the health care system.
$750 + GST

10 Hour Package

Similar to the 5 hour package, with extra coaching and support for complex situations.
$1500 + GST

Prior to commencement of patient centered care, you’ll:

  • receive our written commitment to patient confidentiality,
  • review and sign a client agreement,
  • remit payment by e-transfer, cheque or credit card.

Our Intake Coordinator will facilitate the process, starting with your free 15 minute consultation. Use the form on the right to sign up.

Offsetting the cost of a health advocate

Consult your tax advisor. In some circumstances, our services are tax deductible.

Chat with your CHAI advocate. They will work with you to find out if our services are covered by your employee assistance program or insurance company.

Talk to your employer. Share our Employee Benefits Program Information Kit. Let them know that they can book a free consultation with us to learn more about how to support both you and your co-workers in a meaningful way.